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A 999 Call for the NHS resource

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Whip Labour MPs for 24 February 2017

Second reading of NHS (Reinstatement) Bill

We need and deserve an opposition in Parliament. The Sustainability & Transformation Plans rely on the speedy dismantling of our NHS to allow the USA health insurance model to move in. They must be stopped. If MPs know this why are they not opposing them?

Stop the STPs is hosting this petition which David Owen, from Blackpool, created recently on the 38 Degrees Campaigns By You website.  In just a few days, it gathered almost 1000 signatures before 38 Degrees took the petition down, on the grounds that its content was inappropriate.


We think the content is very appropriate.


We need an opposition to the STPs in Parliament.

For the STPs to succeed they require the speedy dismantling of NHS England to turn it into a health service that is based on American private health insurance systems, like United Health - the former employer of the NHS England Chief Executive, Simon Stevens.


Renationalising the NHS is vital

If the implementation of the STPs goes ahead, the NHS will be transformed into a reduced service that consists largely of a funding stream and a logo and is wide open to United Health of America, its subsidiary Optum and some UK companies with only profit motives at their heart. It will operate as a UK version of US Medicare, basic (very poor) cover for those who are too unwell or too poor to get private health insurance.


To stop this, it is vital to enact the Private Members’ NHS (Reinstatement) Bill.

Our Petition

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With new trade deals coming up between UK and the USA, we could well see an effective takeover of the NHS by the American health industry. The most expensive and ineffective system in the world. To stop this, it is vital to enact the Private Members’ NHS (Reinstatement) Bill.

But every time the NHS Reinstatement Bill comes to the House of Commons, it gets filibustered by Tories and there is no support from the Labour leadership to tell Labour MPs to attend - in fact last year there was the opposite.  As a result, the 100 MPs needed to stop the filibustering are not present.


Please sign the petition to tell Corbyn to instruct Labour MPs to attend and vote for the bill to go forward to committee stage.

Thank you for signing.


Please share this link with all your friends, family and fellow campaigners.